BSc Danielle Giles

My name is Danielle and I'm an official guide of the city of Munich. I welcome guests from all over the world and share with them with passion my knowledge about history, architechture and arts as well as some legends and secrets of the enchanting city of Munich. I'll take you around the town, in some palaces and museums and you'll experience Munich from the time of its foundation until today's events as well as its festivals, traditions and dreams. Munich has a lot to offer and I'll be glad to have you as my guest. As a world traveller, I had the opportunity to live in some fascinating countries like Japan, Brazil, England, France as well as Germany. With this very rich experience I learned to understand and value unique cultures and make many friends. Besides guiding in English and Portuguese I'm fluent in German, French, and Spanish. I offer the following tours: - classic old town walking tour - NS time walking tour - Munich at the turn of the 20th century - Nymphenburg Palace and garden I'm looking forward to welcoming you in Munich!
Portuguese (Portugues)
Phone: +49 89 20243337
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